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SB Mary Special Project Sketch by Splotchy77
SB Mary Special Project Sketch
And just a sketch added to my "Strange Brew" page, for a project long in the development stage.…

I'll be doing more of these soon, featuring the other characters, but the thought behind it will be a Mystery for now.  Simply because I don't want others stealing the idea and claiming it as their own.
the Evil One 1 by Splotchy77
the Evil One 1
Little piece I had to do for my "Strange Brew" page over on…
Since I began coming up with the idea for the Ashcan issue of the series last summer, this Image popped into my head after Nixing the original idea behind the book, thus forcing me to completely Overhaul the entire thing and start fresh.  Thus, forcing me to figure out what comes Before and after this Image.  Didn't take very long to be honest, but ever since I finished the script, I put off and kept putting off drawing up the concept.......Until right after Christmas when I just had to scratch that itch to draw it up finally.  I wanted to give the New Watchers on the page something to look forward to, and to start 2015 off on the right foot.....So here she is.  the Ultimate Evil taht my Characters will be forced to deal with much later on in the series. just a look into the future.  Who she is will be a mystery that you'll just have to read the book to find out about later.
BadApple Mumra inks by Splotchy77
BadApple Mumra inks
A little Childhood Geekery I was asked to ink up by my old buddy Daniel :iconbadapple: Ramirez.  Funny thing is, we live in the same town now, so he just ran the Blueline copy over to me after it was printed up.  After a couple weeks of working on other stuff, and managing to finish them off (primarily writing my Creator Owned series), I managed to get going on this Bad Boy last week, and finished it off the other day.  I was going to go All out with it, by throwing in some Dusty smoke and stuff in the background, but decided not to, didn't want to Overdue it on this one, so I left it as is.  Luckily, He's happy with it, and is even looking for a Colorist to lend their Mighty skills to it, so if you're a Colorist....hit my Boy up about working on it.  He's looking to do Prints and stuff for Cons next year.  
LIttle Baby Logan by Splotchy77
LIttle Baby Logan
Quick little story about this one.

6 Months ago, my little sister had her second Baby, a boy.  A his dad just happens to be as much of a Geek as I am....though I think I might OutGeek him by 100-1.  Anyway, they went and named the kid Logan.  So I wanted to do something cool for both my nephew, and my Niece...his older sister.  I put aside some of my writing to do this one, in the hopes that I'd also do my nieces pic in time and sent to them both for Halloween.  My wife and I bought a whole bunch of cool Halloween shit for both of them, but we never got to send anything out, and I still have yet to sit down and draw up my nieces piece.  She so wants to be dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, and anyone who knows me, and my work.....knows damn well that I really don't do well with other peoples characters.

  Now to Ink this, and draw the other.  
Soul Sucka #1 Cover inks 300dpi by Splotchy77
Soul Sucka #1 Cover inks 300dpi
Cover to the latest series I'm Inking.  "SOUL SUCKA #1" written by Carla Harvey Coates (Lead singer of the Butcher Babies band), and Pencils by Jonathan Moreno. Obviously, Inks by me. 
Be sure to head over to the Facebook page and click 'LIKE'.  The more fans we get, the better.  I'm not gonna post up other pages here for right now.  I've got 4 of them done, aside from the cover here, so if you want to see the rest, that's where they're going.


Billy Crooks
United States
Current Residence: Burbank
Favourite genre of music: 80's Retro Active.
Favourite photographer: hmmmmmm.....
Favourite style of art: Look at what I do and figure it out.
Operating System: PC.
MP3 player of choice: MP3 Player?? I'm still using my Discman..
Shell of choice: Chocolatey and preferably onto of an Icecream cone, or Banana
Wallpaper of choice: gotta have Coca~Cola on it....
Skin of choice: My own thank you...
Favourite cartoon character: Oh Geez....
Personal Quote: I'll get back to ya someday on that one.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Emma Hewitt: Burn the Sky Down
  • Reading: What I'm writing.
  • Watching: Nothing yet.
  • Drinking: Iced life's blood.
Surprise, Surprise......I'm still alive.  Yeah, I haven't posted much, and it'll be a while before I do any consistent posting, but I do what I can when I can.

So here's the deal.  Think I posted about this in the last Journal entry, but seriously, who even bothered to read it?  I'm working on a couple of projects right now, just as a writer and character designer...not so much as an artist/inker for these.  With the Inking work I'm currently waiting on, I really can't do much more than what I'm already doing.  So with that said, I'm currently on the lookout for some artists to bring these projects to life with me.

First Up: Strange Brew….  It's an ongoing series I've been developing for many years now, and had a writer/co-writer involved, as well as an artist that I was going to be inking.  However, both had to bail due to personal problems.  The first issue was already written up and sent to the artist, but things just never happened.  So now, I'm stuck having to take over the writing chores, and possibly the inking chores as well, but we'll see. 
The plan is to have 1 person on the regular series, but I've also got 5 other books that act as Prequels for the series.  Basically 5 different 1 shots, running 32 pages each,  with each one focusing on the backstory for 1 of the 5 girls who are the lead characters of the series.  I have the first 32 pager written up, as well as a 15 page Ashcan book that I wrote up, and depending on how things go...may just pencil and ink it myself.  Don't know yet.

The Other project is something I've been thinking about for many years, but not nearly as long as Strange Brew.  It encompasses 2 things I love....Tiki's, and Halloween.  It's intended mostly for Children of all a point, and is planned to be a 4 issue Mini-series, with the Possibility of the series turning into a Cartoon series, but hopefully just a single Movie.  So I'm basically looking for an artist who can handle an animated style.  I'm in the early stages of character designs...many of them are based loosely on friends of mine in the Tiki Community.  I'm looking to an art book for it before the series gets underway.  Something I can sell at various events I plan to attend in the coming year, try to build up the fan base for the the Potential Production company(s) that there's a Viable fan base for it....and Not just kid Fans, but adults which case, I've got people on Facebook...people who aren't even friends of mine there, who chimed in wanting a copy for themselves.

There is another project in the same vain, but more Super-hero-espue, but I'm holding off on that one for the time being.  See how the first one does before I go deeper into that Project.

I may have a publisher already lined up for them both, we'll see how the Inking work I'm supposed to be doing shortly goes.  It's very Small Press to start with, so the only major issue is that there's No Pay Upfront, nothing that I will make a promise too just yet.  And since I don't believe in Back end deals...I'm not gonna promise anything regarding that.  I really don't know what's going to happen with these.  If I can get them done through another publisher, then who knows.  I'm not making any promises that I know damn well I can't keep.  You either want in, or you don't.  I'm sure I'm probably going about this all wrong, but hey...I doubt anyone's even reading this, and I damn well know that no one's gonna bother hitting me about it with samples to their work.  And if all else fails, I'll do the whole "Kick Starter" thing, see if I can't raise the money to not only publish...but pay those involved when the time comes.

Ontop of all this, I'm taking Preorders for the Print's and Poster's I've got here throughout my gallery.  You can find the folder that contains them all here on my facebook page…; All the Info you'd need to purchase 1 or more are all right there.  Free Shipping if you live in the US.  Not sure about oversea's shipping just yet.  If you have any trouble viewing them, hit me up here and I'll give you the Info.  PayPal more than welcomed.  I'm also selling the Majority of my Originals as well, so anything regarding "Ivy Lee"...the main character to another series I'm already in the process of getting together (Already got an artist folks), and several other pieces are up for Sale.  Those are all in another folder on Facebook, but you can find out about them here too.....Just message me.

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